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Wooden Utensils Care

We care about our planet and we really appreciate our sustainable timber. We want your wooden utensils to live with you as long as it could, our hand picked wooden products will last extremely long if you take care of them with the care tips below:

After each use

  • Hand-wash with hot water and dish soap right after using. Do not use metal scourer or any sharp object to wash them as this will damage the wax sealed we put on to protect them.
  • Wipe off excess moisture with a hand towel.
  • Let thoroughly air-dry.
  • Don’t soak overnight or put in dishwasher.


  • Rub with mineral oil or walnut oil once a month.
  •  To remove stubborn stains from highly pigmented food, like berries & beetroot, use half a lemon & baking soda and scrub on the affected area.

Sustainable Wooden Collection

All of our wooden products are made from sustainable timber. We are planting trees while you buy.