Santo Candle

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Size: 110g
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Editor's note

Smells like:

Palo Santo, subtle, sweet, and woody scent with hints of mint, citrus

Burning Time:

110g - 20 Hours

220g - 50 Hours

We only use pure grade essential oils so that it's 100% natural and safe, so that you can enjoy all the wonderful aromatherapy benefits.

Essential oil blend:

  • Palo Santo
  • Cedarwood
  • Pine
  • Frankincense


Aromatherapy Benefits

Reduce anxiety and nervousness, ease stress and promote a shift in energy. Palo Santo is known to clear negativity in space and bringing positive energy.

To support zero waste, we offer refill service with your used jar and also tips on how to reuse the jar.

For our refill service, detailed candle care tips and massage candle instructions, please see our page on Candle care & refill service.

All candles are freshly hand poured in Hong Kong. We only make small batches to make sure the aroma is always fresh.