Citronella Candle

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Size: 260g
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Editor's note

Citronella has a rich, crisp lemony aroma, well-known for its insect repellent characteristic; it also induces feelings of freshness, removes bad odour and leaves behind a pleasant, fresh smell.


  • 110g in tin box, 20 hours burning time.
  • 260g in reusable & refillable crackling glazed ceramic dish, 40 hours burning time.
  • 330g in reusable & refillable crackling glazed ceramic dish, 60 hours burning time.

We only use 100% pure citronella essential oil so that it's 100% natural and safe, so that you can enjoy its wonderful aromatherapy benefits.

To support zero waste, we offer a refill service for your used jar and also tips on how to reuse the jar for other purposes.

For refill service, detailed candle care tips and our massage candle instructions, please see our page Candle care & refill.

All candles are freshly hand poured in Hong Kong. We only make them in small batches to make sure the aroma is always fresh. 


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