About Us

About Us
After being in fashion industry for more than 15 years, our founder had seen first-hand the waste
of natural resources and exploitation of workers in developing nations that is industry standard,
overlooked and treated as ‘part of doing business’.

We believe there is a different way.

That’s why we have created Conceptu Home, an eco-conscious way of doing business, truly living
and breathing sustainability and ethical practices. We are nature lovers and we’re passionate about
protecting our habitats and oceans.
We take inspiration from a relaxed, island-living way of life and this is expressed in our products
and ideas.
Our ultimate goal is to supply high-quality natural products, that are responsibly and sustainably
sourced, reducing our impact on the environment and giving back to those that need it most.
Our Philosophy
We care about how our actions impact the Earth and we consider everything we do.
Protecting our oceans is very important to us, eliminating plastic waste and reducing harmful
substances are at the top of our list. For us, sustainability is not just about our products and
materials, but a way of life.
By supporting small independent businesses and working with local communities, we want
to promote others with the same desire to do business in a conscientious, guilt-free way.

“Want better, not more”,
that’s why we produce timeless products that last.
Our Mission
We want to be the leading eco-conscious homeware brand, promoting sustainability as a way
of doing business and living everyday life.
About our founder
Jess Chung was born and raised in Hong Kong and is passionate about Interior Design and sustainability.
After studying in the UK, at Central St Martins College of Art & Design and London College of Fashion,
Jess worked her way up in the Fashion industry in UK, returning to Hong Kong in 2013 and becoming
Head of Design and Product Development at a very successful retail fashion company.
Whilst travelling extensively for business and also on regular scuba-diving trips in Asia, Jess started
to see more and more opportunities to work with amazing local craftspeople and realised
that she wanted to make a difference and do more to promote their talents and products. And so,
the idea of Conceptu Home was born; an eco-conscious homeware brand, promoting sustainability
as a way of doing business and living everyday life.