Pumpkin Pie Soy Candle

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Creator's note

This scent is pure nostalgia, evoking memories of cozy homes and comforting moments. It also resembles the days I spent in the UK, especially the moment when I walked into a warm and welcoming home. 🏠✨

🍊Here’s the amazing part: while pumpkins don‘t yield essential oils, we’ve crafted this candle with a clever twist. We‘ve infused it with Pomelo essential oil, giving it a tantalizing hint of citrusy sweetness. 🌟

🍀Indulge in the warm embrace of autumn with our Pumpkin Pie scented candle, and let the captivating blend of spices and citrus transport you to a world of cozy comfort. ✨

Made with:

100% Soy Wax with essential oils include:





Copaiba Balsam


80g with burning hour 20 hours